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Tracing Your Ancestors & Family Tree
The popularity of recent television programmes such as the BBC's 'Who Do You Think You Are' has led to more and more people seeking to discover their family history & information about their ancestors - who they were and where they came from. Tracing Your Ancestors is a professional genealogy service offering ancestral research services and tuition on how to trace your ancestors & family tree. We also specialise in providing a genealogy gift service - developing reports, family history books and family trees for those special occasions such as 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th birthdays, Anniversaries & Retirement. Ideal group gifts from family & friends!
Tel: 0118 969 6612
© Tracing Your Ancestors
Blewbury Cottages © Francis Frith Collection
© Tracing Your Ancestors
© Tracing Your Ancestors
© Tracing Your Ancestors
Take advantage of our research services to trace your English & Welsh ancestors - discover their occupations, where they were living and with whom

Receive copies of birth, marriage and death certificates of your nineteenth century ancestors

Bring your family history to life with our personalized books or websites that can incorporate your own photos and documents

Develop research skills through one-one tuition (at home & online) or our ‘tailor’ made genealogy courses for small groups of friends, clubs or organizations

Treat yourself to a ‘Tracing Your Ancestors’ genealogy study holiday in Marbella, Spain

Master the art of creating your own family history books, websites & family trees to share with relatives and friends

Purchase our ‘Tracing Your Ancestors’ genealogy gift vouchers and give that special person a very special present for birthday, Christmas or anniversary

'Very impressed by the thoroughness of your work'. 'You are one amazing researcher! I read your work like some people read a thriller mystery.'
'Simply fascinating! Among other things,  I am developing a more nuanced understanding of British social History, thanks to you.''
M.Haines, California, USA
'Just a quick note to say the book duly arrived and my mum absolutely loved the present. In fact, it has spurred her on to find out more information and to go and visit all the places mentioned.
A great present for her 60th birthday.'

R.McDonald, London, UK
A research service par excellence. An unbelievable amount of research and information for the very reasonable price. Thoroughly recommended -
have many interested friends!

H.Martin, Liverpool, UK
Who Do You Think They Were?
Clients' Recent Ancestral Surprises!
Scottish Physician & Surgeon (1890s)
Sergeant Major in the British Army (1890s)
Butler to the Duke of York (1880s)
Owner of Art & Illustration School (1880s)
Tallow Chandler & Soap Maker (1870s)
Editor of the 'Bolton Guardian' (1860s)
Travelling Preacher (1850s)
Captain in the Merchant Navy (1850s)
Farmer, Co. Mayo, Ireland (1850s)
Barge Builder & Bird Stuffer (Taxidermist)
Strand on the Green, London (1850s)
Master Shoemaker, East Prussia (1850s)
Stone Mason, St Saviour, Jersey (1840s)
Costermonger in London's East End (1840s)
Shared 13th Great Grandfather with
George Washington (1500s)
High Sheriff of Yorkshire (1500s)
Italian Court Musician to the Doge of
Venice and King Henry VIII (1500s)
Lord Chief Justice (1400s)
Richard, Earl of Gloucester (1200s)
King Henry I of England (1100s)
William the Conqueror (1000s)
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Tel: 0118 969 6612                                             Mobile: 07860 14 88 51                              Email: enquiries@tracingyourancestors.com 
'Wanted to let you know that mum was thrilled with her gift and has spent many happy hours studying it.  She was really surprised as she didn't know that there were people who would research your ancestry for you.
Thanks again for all your hard work.'

R.Brenchley, Halifax, Yorkshire, UK

To say that I am so excited is an understatement. You have done a brilliant job and in such a short space of time.
Many, many thanks.

C. Doppier, London, UK
'Many thanks for the excellent report  which I have forwarded to my cousins and we will then decide how we are going to make contact with the current Bowens families in Ireland.'
J.Bowens, Buckinghamshire, UK
My thanks indeed. Your research has turned up some very interesting results. My kind regards and many thanks again.
Dr P.Tanner, Hampshire, UK

Thank you so much, Jane. You have been so thorough. Way beyond the original contract. Again thank you for your great efforts! Regards,
D.Young, Australia

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Tracing Your Ancestors
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